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Things are progressing fairly well. Joomla, Virtuemart and Kunenaforums are excellent and open source. A great way to keep costs down with what I believe to be an overall better approach to designing software. Everything is up and running good so far. Next week I'll start ironing out the final details like Terms of Service, Forum Rules, Shipping Descriptions, Calendars Etc..

We're also busy hunting down product for the store. Digging and dividing a great deal of Bearded White Iris, Dark Purple Bearded Iris and a beautiful Red Canna Lily that we have already. This Red Canna is a prolific bloomer starting mid to late May and continuing as long as the warm weather holds. We're going to be putting up 2-3 new products by end of June. Sign up for notifications and we'll send you an E-mail.


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